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Progressive Die Stamping of a Brass Grounding Clip for the Electronics Industry

Grounding clips for Power Supply

At Excel Tool & Die Co. we are experienced specialists in precision metal stamping, dedicated to excellence in every project. Highlighted here is the production of a grounding clip utilized in power supply applications. The electronics customer required a company with proven expertise in forming, and they were referred to us by one of our satisfied customers. Starting with a 1.75" wide coil of .015" thick half hard brass, this unique part was formed utilizing our progressive die process. A 35 ton press was employed for the production of this part, and the tightest tolerance of ± .003" was achieved during manufacturing. This part featured a tight form radius with narrow form tolerances achieved by utilizing a side action cam tool. With our specialized experience and expertise, we are routinely able to carry out challenging and complex design requirements with uncompromising quality and accuracy. The demanding element of the part was completed to specification, and completed clips were finished with a RoHS compliant tin over nickel plating. This finish would ensure critical electrical performance requirements were met. All units were stamped with a part number for permanent identification and inventory management. In-process and post production visual and dimensional inspections were performed to validate accuracy and integrity.

The grounding clips are produced in yearly volumes of 30,000 to 50,000 units, released via Kanban shipments with one week's notice. We were proud to exceed customer expectations with this project, and we have been the exclusive manufacturers of this part for decades. For more information about this grounding clip production process, or to learn more about our experienced electronic industry stamping and other capabilities please contact us directly.

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Brass Grounding Clip Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Grounding clip for power supply
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Part number stamped into part
  • Stamped from 1.75” wide coil
  • Utilizing progressive die and 35 ton press
Tightest Tolerances
Material Used
Made from .015” thick brass, ½” hard brass
Material Finish
Tin over nickel RoHS compliant finish
Industry for Use
30000-50000 per year
Kanban shipments within one weeks’ notice.
Standards Met
RoHS Compliant

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