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Precision Stamped Stainless Steel Cannula for the Medical Industry

Stainless Steel Cannula used in Surgical Applications

At Excel Tool & Die Co., we specialize in precision stamping, and have provided our services to customers across a broad range of industries. We were recently contracted by a longtime customer in the medical industry to fabricate the unit profiled here. We worked closely with them to bring their design to fruition in the most cost effective manner possible. The part, known as a cannula, is used in surgical applications to draw or introduce fluids. Fabrication was implemented utilizing a 60 ton press, processing .020" thick 410 stainless steel with a progressive die stamping technique. The part was stamped complete from an 8" wide coil. The process featured in-die coining to bevel sharp edges where designated. A vibratory deburring treatment was performed to smooth and prepare the part for further treatment. The desired mechanical and corrosion properties were achieved with a vacuum heat treat process, followed by a passivation finish carried out in accordance with ASTM A967 specifications.

There were a number of manufacturing challenges to overcome during this production. There were difficult forms designed into this part requiring a transition from a large to narrow profile, with additional forming over it. Tight tolerance blended radii were also called for, which were executed to ±.005" and ±.010" tolerances. Specially designed form cam tools were utilized. The customer was impressed with the final product, especially with our execution of the rounded edges and blended forms.

This part is RoHS compliant and the material was magnetic particle tested for integrity and quality in compliance to ASTM A-275 standard. Production volumes of the cannula are approximately 100,000 annually managed with a Kanban and shipped within a week of release notice. To find out more about our multiple and blended forming expertise along with our other specialized metal stamping capabilities please see the table below or contact us directly.

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Stainless Steel Cannula Project Highlights

Project Name & Description
Cannula used in surgical applications
Capabilities Applied/Processes
  • Part stamped complete from 8” wide coil utilizing a progressive die and 60 ton press
  • In-die coining to bevel sharp edges in designated spots
  • Vibratory deburring to round sharp edges
  • Vacuum heat treated to customer specification
Tightest Tolerances
Part with blended radius forms with tolerances of +/-.005” and+/-.010”
Material Used
.020” thick, #410 Stainless Steel
Material Finish
Passivated per ASTM A-967
Industry for Use
100,000 pieces per year
Kanban shipments within one week of release notice.
Standards Met
ASTM A-967
ASTM A-275
RoHS Compliant

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